leave out

leave out
حَذَفَ \ cancel: to cross out sth. written. cut out: to leave out: You can cut out the last sentence. delete: to strike out or remove (sth. written): Why has your name been deleted from the list of students?. elide: to leave out a letter or sound: In the word ‘haven’t’, the letter ‘o’ has been elided. eliminate: remove or take out: He eliminated a few phrases from the speech he had written. leave out: not to put in; not to include: He left out one letter and wrote ‘heat’ instead of ‘heart’. miss out: not include; to leave out (by mistake or on purpose): My name was missed out from the list. omit: leave out (by mistake or on purpose); fail to include: Her name was omitted from the list. skip: to miss sth. on purpose; not read (sth. dull, etc.): We’ll skip the next few pages. strike: (with off or out) to put a line through a name or word, because it is no longer wanted: They struck his name off the list. Strike out any word that is wrong. \ See Also ألغى (أَلْغَى)، أهمل (أَهْمَلَ)، ترك (تَرَكَ)، شطب (شَطَبَ)‏

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